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ElectronicsManufacturing Services (EMS)
Brief introduction

After years of development, the Company has been engaged in the fields of surface mount service, substrate assembly and test, production of complete machines, as well as processing of modified materials, molding, injection molding, extrusion,spray painting, decoration and assembling.

Faced with thechallenge of global competition, the company adopts the most advancedproduction techniques and software systems including ERP and MES, and makesfull use of the advantages of electronics industrial chain so as to provide thecustomers with perfect solutions.

The Companyprovides its global customers with the R&D, purchase, material management,manufacture, test & assembly, quality assurance and outbound service ofelectronics products. Its entire EMS industrial chain shows the integrationadvantage and economies of scale, which may provide systematic, flexible andcompetitive solutions for customers, and help them to shorten the developmentperiod and accelerate the mass-production so as to seize market opportunities.

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