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Panda Information established Smart City R&D Center

Panda Electronics  2020-06-08

Recently, Panda Information officially established the Smart City R&D Center, which will further speed up the development of Panda in the field of smart city, and strive to improve the market scale and brand competitiveness. The deputy general manager of Panda Electronics, Secretary of Party committee and general manager of Panda Information Mr. Hu Huichun attended the establishment ceremony and delivered a speech. Chief engineer of Panda Information and head of functional department attended the ceremony.

Hu Huichun first congratulated the establishment of Smart City R&D Center. He pointed out that innovation driven development is an unchangeable law. As a new direction of urban informatization development, smart city has broad market prospect and huge potential. He stressed that the R&D center, with the strong support of Panda Electronics, is shouldering the important mission of Panda Information industry transformation and upgrading in the future. On the one hand, R&D personnel should give full play to the role of "think-tank", make use of professional advantages, and actively give advice and contribution to the development of R&D center; on the other hand, the company should further strengthen the construction of R&D system, institution building and talent team, attach importance to R&D management, abide by confidentiality system, integrate internal and external resources, and make contributions to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, improvement of quality and efficiency, and the implementation of the 14th five year plan.

At the meeting, the person in charge of the newly established Smart City R&D Center introduced the future development direction, work plan and personnel com of the center. At present, the R&D center has 21 members, with an average age of 27 years old. 80% of them are post-90s, and 85% are engineers. It is a vigorous and promising young team. In the future, they will continue to explore technology, productization, system construction, business model, foreign cooperation and exchange, and strive to open up a new situation for the industrial development of Panda smart city.

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