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NCC project of Panda Information passed the completion acceptance

Panda Electronics  2020-06-29

On the afternoon of June 23, Nanjing Metro Line 7 NCC system equipment supply project (referred to as "NCC project") held the project completion acceptance meeting in Nanjing Metro Lingshan control center. The deputy general manager of Panda Electronics, general manager and Secretary of Party committee of Panda Information Mr. Hu Huichun, and the deputy general manager of Nanjing Metro Construction Co., Ltd. Mr. Pei Shunxin attended the meeting.

At the meeting, all participants heard the summary reports of project design, supervision and integration units. The acceptance group and the representatives were divided into entity group and data group to inspect the engineering entity and acceptance data respectively. After on-site inspection, system function demonstration and inspection of relevant data, the acceptance team carried out unit project completion acceptance and put forward acceptance opinions. After evaluation, the project acceptance quality level is qualified.

Pei Shunxin congratulated the completion and acceptance of the Panda NCC project. He said that NCC, as the highest command organization of Nanjing Metro network operation and dispatching system, is of great significance. He hoped that Nanjing Metro would continue to deepen the good cooperative relationship with Panda and achieve the goal of line network operation "safe, punctual and efficient". And he also hoped Panda would continue to play its own advantages and constantly explore new functions of NCC, so as to lay a solid foundation for the construction of cloud platform of Nanjing Metro in near future.

Hu Huichun first expressed his gratitude to Nanjing Metro and the project implementation unit for their long-term concern and support for Panda and for their guidance and assistance in the construction of the project. He said that Panda will continue to maintain the fine tradition of cooperation with Nanjing Metro, continue to optimize and improve NCC projects, further tap the potential of data value, give full play to the role of "smart brain" of big data platform, and provide technical support for the command, dispatch and operation decision of Nanjing Metro.

In order to ensure the safety, high quality and timely completion of the project, Panda Information specially dispatched management and technical backbones to set up NCC project team. The project personnel strictly perform the obligations and responsibilities stipulated in the contract documents, minutes of previous meetings, design documents, construction drawings, etc., and organize, coordinate and manage the construction of the projects under its jurisdiction with all participating units. The project team independently developed a number of software products and obtained acceptance of invention patents. The big data platform "smart city rail network collaborative command platform" independently developed by Panda won the "second prize of science and technology progress" of China Association of Metros.

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